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Tower Components:

  • Preform Feed .5 to 2.5 meter stroke
  • Manual or Automatic XY Preform Positioner
  • Preform Chuck
  • Preform Rotation
  • Preform Pressurization for Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Draw Furnace with Temperatures Ranging from 200 to 2200 Degree C
  • Fiber & Cane Diameter Gauges
  • Start-Up Tractor
  • Belt & Pinch Wheel Tractors for Cane
  • Cane Cutters and Collection Systems
  • Pressurized Coating Systems
  • Gravity Fed Split Die Coating System
  • Fusion Variable Power UV Curing System
  • Thermal Curing Oven
  • Concentricity Monitor
  • Tension Monitoring
  • Capstans to 500mm Diameter
  • Drum Winder with Mechanical and Optical Dancers or Torque Control
  • Control System with SCADA Package
  • Class 100 Clean Air Boxes

Company Profile

BH SERVICES LLC is run by the former HEATHWAY Inc. Vice President Bob Halbreiner.

Controls Interface Limited is the former HEATHWAY Ltd management team which now supplies new equipment as well as servicing the previous supplied equipment built by HEATHWAY.

Together this team brings to the table over 50+ years of experiences in the Fiber Optic Process Equipment Manufacturing.

Controls Interface Ltd has supplied Fiber Optic Draw Towers to a height of 9 Meters and as short as 3 meters with single sided or double sided structures for Silica Based, Chalcogenide, Fluoride and Structured Glasses for drawing in to both fibers and canes. Controls Interface Ltd has also supplied Preform Manufacturing Equipment and Fiber Proof Test and Re-Wind Equipment.

We can supply upgrades or modifications to your existing Heathway Draw Towers or other Manufactures Draw Equipment.

Our control equipment is a fully integrated system built around an Omron plc and motion control. If it is required we can offer a SCADA package as the main operator interface. We can also offer a data logging system to assist with post draw analysis of the fiber.

Extra pc hardware and software is included that enables our engineers to access the system via the internet enabling them to resolve issues and carryout minor upgrades without the need for a site visit.

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