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Tower Components:

  • Preform Feed .5 to 2.5 meter stroke
  • Manual or Automatic XY Preform Positioner
  • Preform Chuck
  • Preform Rotation
  • Preform Pressurization for Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Draw Furnace with Temperatures Ranging from 200 to 2200 Degree C
  • Fiber & Cane Diameter Gauges
  • Start-Up Tractor
  • Belt & Pinch Wheel Tractors for Cane
  • Cane Cutters and Collection Systems
  • Pressurized Coating Systems
  • Gravity Fed Split Die Coating System
  • Fusion Variable Power UV Curing System
  • Thermal Curing Oven
  • Concentricity Monitor
  • Tension Monitoring
  • Capstans to 500mm Diameter
  • Drum Winder with Mechanical and Optical Dancers or Torque Control
  • Control System with SCADA Package
  • Class 100 Clean Air Boxes

Optical-Fiber Preform Manufacturing Equipment


Preform Lathes

gas delivery system

Gas Delivery System

Full and Half Ring Burners

full and half ring burners

70 mm half ring burner water cooled

full and half ring burners

90mm half ring burner with N2 jets

full and half ring burners

100mm full ring burners

Quartz Burners

Quartz Burner

63 Jet Quartz Burner

63 Jet Quartz Burner

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